Dispute Resolution & Arbitration


As we foray into an era of e-courts and witness a major revamp in the way justice delivery mechanisms are evolving, efficient dispute resolution and arbitration are gaining their preference and importance as far clients’ business objectives are concerned. Not only has commercial litigation become complicated and time consuming, but the burden of costs associated with legal processes in the whole journey sometimes can cost even more than the value of the transaction itself. This not only applies for domestic matters but also cross border disputes.

Under these circumstances, with time, the firm has grown its alternate dispute resolution practice with momentum and has been working towards finding out more efficient, relevant and time bound alternatives to traditional dispute resolution channels. Having understood the client’s concerns and objectives, the firm’s attorneys have been looking at a blend of methods including pre-litigation mediation, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and conciliation as well. These processes have proven to be much more preferable and sometimes have also emerged as the only possible ways to reach amicable and win-win resolution.

Singh & Singh has developed a very strong base for commercial litigation practice with a know-how across all forms and forums of dispute resolution. With not limited to only a few sectors, the domains that the firm has been focussing on range from real estate, infrastructure, construction, media, pharma, telecom, BFSI, hospitality and many more.

The Firm, over a period of time has been able to create its niche not only in the modern formats of dispute resolution like litigation but has also been able to discover new trends and results oriented ways to bring in a dispute to pause. It has been representing clients in various forums like the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, NCLAT, NCLT, Appellate Tribunal/Commission (Central/State) for Electricity, Competition Commission (Appellate forum COMPAT including), NCDRC, NGT& others. Its expertise has been in providing business-legal oriented advice, drafting pleadings, appearing and conducting matters with or without the presence of Sr. Advocates both during original and appellate stages. The firm has been involved in disputes ranging from commercial contracts to any other form of contracts wherein it has brought into play alternate methods such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

The firm members have been keeping themselves most updated on all the upcoming trends in this domain and have been actively engaged in a host of arbitrations in commercial, contractual complexities across various sectors of the industry, including, aviation, shipping, land acquisition, labour, environment, power, telecom, broadcasting, etc.

A very strategic advantage that the firm possesses in this regard is bringing in sector specific expertise when it comes to deploying technical know-how in case of disputes where law has to be equated with the sheer focus on the working mechanisms of the sector the dispute has come up in.

The dispute resolution practice offers services spread across litigation, arbitration, regulatory and pre-disputes advisory assignments. There have been situations when the firm has also appointed veterans in the space of arbitration and mediation in order to affirm the best possible output of the dispute resolution processes opted form. This has enabled the firm to bring out results which have been in favour of the clients it has been representing.