Employment & Labour Laws


Compliance with Employment and Labour Laws has become one of the most crucial mandates that in-house counsels have been seeing on their work desks now. The employment and labour law team of the firm advises clients on compliances with a large number of mandatory regulations especially on the recent Labour Law Code passed by the government, which happens to gain relevance on account of increase in number of Employer-Employee disputes. The team members have an excellent hold on drafting policies for entities both at domestic and global levels. These policies ensure that companies remain fully compliant with the applicable labour and employment laws for a particular client in that particular domain.

In addition to the talent power Singh & Singh possesses, the firm works very closely with a lot of consultants in this space to ensure a fool proof solution mechanism across all states and districts. This enables the firm to deliver last mile services to clients in the remotest of areas across the country. This flexibility and adaptability to client’s location and accordingly manoeuvring all compliances applicable therein gives the firm an upper edge compared to all others in the space.

The services that the firm provides ranges from organizational structuring, employment compliance laws including Standing Orders, labour disputes, acquisitions, outsourcing, data protection, international workforce relations, litigations or risk management, and further goes up to the levels of sensitive Anti Sexual Harassment and Safe Workplace models. The firm members have ensured to implement a practical approach in all aspects in order to bring all issues and complications to rest. This empowers clients to manage workforce in a manner that is simplest possible in terms of operations and leaves minimum scope of complexities arising therein. Above all, assuring compliance with laws and ethics has always remained a service anthem for all the firm members while delivering solutions to clients.

The client matrix at Singh & Singh ranges from domestic to international clients which further enables the team to bring in global best practices and benchmarks into action even in case of a domestic client. Furthermore, the client’s company philosophy and ethos are always kept in mind while advising any solution or piece of advice in addition to assuring compliance as always. In certain cases, and upon client entrustment of responsibilities, the firm has also conducted review drives of employment documentation, structuring of ESOPs, termination and work bonds and many such similar documents.

Crisis has also come to the doors, where trade unions and associations have been dealt with. The firm has very closely worked with the Board and Management of the companies as and when they feel supressed under the burden of claims by employees and labour. Whenever necessary, the firm has also advised clients to take due legal course of action and steps in order to have protection from future complications, non-compliance or reputational damage to the brand.

Our service scopes involve:

  • Compliance Consciousness across all labour and employee touch points
  • Drafting of all related Employer/Employee related documentations such as Letter of Offer, Employment Agreements etc.
  • Drafting company employment/HR policies and compliance manuals etc.
  • Structuring employee perks and benefit dossiers
  • Structuring and drafting of Employee Stock options plans.
  • Drafting of Sexual Harassment Policies and compliance with the same
  • Assistance in downsizing and retrenchment
  • Drafting Standing Orders on the basis of company specific objectives